Friday, May 12, 2006

A Quick Index: Taiwan's Migrating Women

A few stats from today's Taipei Times:

Number of foreign spouses who have enrolled in mandarin classes in the last 8 months: 20,260
Number who enrolled in 2005: 16,000
Approximate percentage of non-Chinese foreign spouses now enrolled in classes: 23

Number of Chinese sex workers detained in Taiwan in 2003: 799
Number detained in 2004: 331
In 2005: 96
Cumulative number of those positive for HIV/AIDS: 3
Number of Taiwanese sex workers detained in 2005: 625
Number of those positive for HIV/AIDS: 7
Number of Taipei City Councillors who believe that these statistics show that Mainland prostitutes are leading to the spread of HIV/AIDS in Taiwan: 1 (Chen Yong-teh 陳永德)

Sources are here and here.


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