Monday, May 08, 2006

Chinese Workers' Web Shut Down

Indymedia Hong Kong reports (Chinese):


"When the struggle for freedom and democracy over the closing of Freezing Point was simmering on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, the Zongguo Gongren [Chinese Workers] web site was also shut down but just considered a "minor episode." We believe that Chinese Communist Party authorities closure of the Zongguo Gongren site on grounds of insufficient capital is actually a more serious matter."

The article goes on to say: that Zhongguo Gongren was set up last year on May 1 by a group concerned with the welfare of farmers and laborers. The site in no way called for democracy and had no political aspirations. In the beginning posters were mostly scholars and other intelligencia concerned with labor, but eventually laborers began posting, describing various work situations and difficulties in China. In short, it was fast becoming an important forum for Labor.

At the moment, I see that the Zhongguo Gongren web site, does not come up (a message says the server is not configured), but there appears to be a mirror: A top post there, from yesterday, is an appeal to restore the site - presumably in China.


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