Thursday, April 20, 2006

Beijing Censors vs. Taiwan Street Food

They rub their greasy fascist hands over everything, nothing too small, xiao chi (小吃) included. This is an email conversation I've been having with the editor of an English-language mag published on the Mainland who asked me to write something about Taiwan street food....

hey friend gram,

can i get a taiwan street food article from you? i'd like to run it for JUNE issue (our food issue). and unfortunately, our censors will want to run it as "local" travel. ridiculous but that's the way it goes. what do you say?

let me know - thanks!
editor guy

email 2:
hi editor guy,

the article should be ok. what's the deadline on that? and do you pay extra
for photos?

as for running as "local" travel, i'd figured as much, though maybe you could ask them for a special label for HK/Macau/Taiwan, playing up the one country two systems thing. I know a lot of media in China and Taiwan differentiate these zones with hai3di4 (海地) vs. nei4di4 (内地). might be worth a try.

friend gram

email 3:
hi friend gram,

i've been bugging our censors about how to couch this and they insist Domestic travel
which is bullshit. we can't do the haidi neidi thing since it's all china baby ... according to the party that is

not sure what to do right now so can we stay in touch? yes, i pay extra for photos. i apologize for this but can we hold off? i'd still love to run it not into looking like an
idiot for running it as domestic travel.

be well,
editor guy


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