Sunday, April 02, 2006

Rolling Stone China gets the axe?

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! This article in Boxun is reporting that Rolling Stone China may be cancelled after only one issue. The second issue would be due out right around now. The majro reason cited in the article is that the deal Rolling Stone China worked with a local partner - local partners are a necessity as no foreign entity can own media in China (see below posts on That's Beijing - 1 and 2) - didn't get the proper permission from government authorities, where the magazine is based.

The article says RSC's first issue circulation was 120,000 and selling well. Through various major media news outlets, it quote a Shanghai official saying that the magazine partnership never got proper permission from the Bureau of News and Publications (trans? 新闻出版局) and a news bureau official saying that the partnership is over. Again, this sounds exactly like the That's Beijing story....The Boxun article has more interesting commentary as well....but RSC editor Hao Fang says they're still preparing the next issue. My guess is it will probably come out - late. And this morass will drag on for a few more issues, and then we'll see....

...and I hope it continues, coz I got a few more things to say....


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