Saturday, March 18, 2006

Small Victory in Mailiao

The Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants reports that Formosa Plastics has granted three concessions to workers at its Mailiao, Yunlin County plant in central Taiwan. Excerpts from the latest release as follows:

On the night of March 16, almost 200 Filipino workers went out of the South Gate
of their plant to meet migrant advocates for a public meeting. It was very clear
that the workers were still restive and defied management and even police by
going out of their compound without a pass. Representatives of management had to
negotiate with the workers and the advocates and took down their

The next day, more than a dozen migrant advocates held a
protest action in front of the CLA demanding that the problems of the workers
should be solved. They stated that if these were not met, the migrants most
probably would hold another strike.

The concessions granted by Formosa Plastics are as follows:

1. Workers will have their own bank accounts and would have the right to
get hold of all their take home pay. The allowance system will be

2. Workers will also have the right to remit their own money.

3. Workers forced to be guarantors of their friends going home for
vacation do not have to pay for the airfare of their friends who decide not to
come back to FPC. The guarantor system will stop.



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