Friday, April 28, 2006

Dongguan Swingers

Check out this article by blogger/journalist Shenzhen Zen (not sure how to navigate his archive, look for the header "Strange days indeed, mama"):

``Will you help me to practice my English?''

It's not an uncommon question for a foreigner in China to field from
strangers on trains, planes, buses, sidewalks, in stores and cafes. The urge for
Chinese men, women, children alike to learn better English, even randomly and at
inopportune moments, is strong.

In this case the question came from a topless middle-aged woman in the
midst of a mostly Chinese partner swapping party in Dongguan, Guangdong
province. To budding English language student's left, along a 20-foot mirrored
wall and on four large mattresses strewen with condom wrappers, tissues, clothes
and underwear about 20 others were engaged in a, well, the correct world is

And it just goes on from there, including a funny intro on his trying to get it published at a Hong Kong newspaper.


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