Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Gangster Text Messages

....uh, wrong number?

Over the past couple weeks a friend has been getting some strange text messages from a few different unknown senders. These SMSs are all in Chinese. A couple have asked if the receiver is the girlfriend of some gangster-sounding dude. Then there are these:

Message 1:

Ur guys dont want A-shan to touch the Boss' business. Coz we want to find out some things so we act like we don't know. A couple days ago on the walkie-talkie Fatty Rui said I was a rat. In front of the Boss and u guys he */text missing/*

Message 2:

Fatty: what i want to tell you is that i didn't spend all the money. I paid it and I'm not gonna say it coz you know what for. So don't keep asking about money and telling me to hurry up. I haven't caught much lately. Tomorrow I'm gonna */text missing/*


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