Sunday, February 26, 2006

THE WIRE hits China

First off, I didn't even know The Wire article on Taipei was out yet until I met this blogger at the Dickson Dee-Karkowski noise show in Shenzhen earlier tonight (2/25/2006). He's already got a scan of it on his web site ( which is probably the best China music blog IN ENGLISH! on the web. Props to Lawrence, his name. I'm meeting him for coffee or whatever tomorrow.
What this all heralds I don't know, coz the article leads with politics and the jailing of a Chinese dissident for posting some punk rock lyrics on the internet by the most hated band in China, Pangu. The timing, with me just entering China for this gonzo rock tour, is either auspiciuos or ominous, which means actually both. After the show, when I told Lawrence I live in Taiwan, he was like, "The Wire just -"

"Yeah, I know. I wrote it."

"So you're ...."

"Yeah, that's me."

I wonder about the reaction elsewhere, like what are those fuckin punks in Chengdu gonna think of it? I get the feeling that word spreads fast here, sensorship being what it is.

....technical aside. This Chinese Interenet is bugging the holy bejeesus out of me, though I finally got on - you can post on blogger, you just can't read it. Also, I keep hearing stupid rumors, like, you can get to Blogger if you go to English language Google first and post but not read (bullshit). Another good one was that to get English Google you could just type it backwards: elgoog. Not only does that make absolutely no sense at all - Google isn't blocked - but it also doesn't work. There are also proxies to get around the Great Firewall, I've met people who know how but haven't figured it out for myself yet.


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