Sunday, February 19, 2006


Ma Ying-jeou also makes the cover of a Chinese news mag on the HK news stands, but here the take is different and perhaps telling of mainland concerns. The magazine is called Wide Angle, and I can't remember the exact wording of the cover text, but it's something like this: If the KMT retakes Taiwan's government, what then? The photo is totally different from the candyboy Ma on Time Express - here it's grainy black and white, hard news gravity. The interesting thing about this kind of viewpoint coming from China is - after sucking up to Lien Chan, James Soong, and specifically the KMT as a party; and if Beijing's first choice of a Taiwanese political candidate short of one they'd appoint themselves actually becomes president - well this getting what they want may turn out to pose a serious problem. The question Wide Angles's cover seems to be asking is: well, if we get the guy we want, holy shit! does that mean we actually have to work with him?

Personal note: Could this be an upside to a Ma presidency? I'm still trying to prepare myself.


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